Monday, May 3, 2010

Carbon dating my UFOs

One of the blocks is turned the wrong way. It's fixed now.

All the blocks for this string quilt UFO are done. It was part of a guild fun night, but as I didn't write the year on the handout I can only estimate that it was started before 2004. Possibly before 2002! And I still like it. Sometimes when the UFOs are that old, you aren't as into the fabric choices as you were when you first picked them out.

This is a summer quilt, meaning their is no batting. The strips are sewn to a fabric square, and the squares are sewn together with sashing on the back to finish those seams. I had enough fabric for 36 9.5-inch blocks and will set it 5 x 7 to get a quilt 45" x 63".

Not sure why I didn't finish it earlier except that the only thread I'd brought with me to fun night was a khaki grey color that I usually use for piecing and the bobbin thread shows on the back. If I'd known what we were doing I would have matched the bobbin thread to the backing squares. It bugged me at the time, but 6, 8 or more years later, I'm over it.

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