Sunday, January 22, 2012

Next up?

This might be the next project. It's a UFO from 1999. I remember the year only because this was to be my millennium quilt. My guild at the time exchanged 2 1/2-inch squares so that we could get 2,000 squares for our quilt. I spent hours sorting the squares by color and value and trying to weed out all the duplicates (and squares so poorly cut they couldn't be used).

I have about a third of the blocks I need. And I found my drawings and notes about what I had planned. I need 40 squares across and 50 down to get 2,000, which will require a few rows of squares running down between the blocks and squares running around the outside.

I pieced one more block this week, and realized why this project hadn't gotten far. Kind of boring piecing, and those squares aren't all that square. Makes me wonder how badly I cut the ones I exchanged. At least I can see definite improvement in my sewing skills in the last 13 years! Wonder if I finish this if a quilt historian one day will think it was made by two different quilters.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Couldn't wait

Doll quilt, 19.5 x 26 inches.
I was loving Lori's quilt-along so much that I couldn't wait for her next step, and now my little top is done. I'm so pleased with it.

I see she has posted step 3 and is promising quilting suggestions next, which will be great because I think I might hand quilt this one. (And just ignore the other little wall hangings that haven't had a stitch put in them for years.)

Thanks, Lori!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Switching gears

Triangle Love, 69 x 84
Top is done. The pattern is Chopsticks, which I changed a bit by using a single fabric where she has multiple fabrics and using multiple colors where she has a solid. I wanted to highlight that Marcia Derse fabric that is fabulous in person but does not photograph well. My version also has a different number of blocks and rows than the pattern.
And when I was almost done putting it together I thought, "I should have oriented the rows up and down." Maybe next time.
Then I completely switched gears in terms of scale and color and started Lori's doll-quilt quilt-along Pink Lemonade. I'm working on Part 2 (the half blocks). This is such a fun project. I'm going back to it right now and put off making the binding and backing for the triangle quilt!