Friday, June 28, 2013

Building blocks

Lots of unpicking and sewing to make the block above, and I still couldn't get it quite right. Not happy at all with the little puckers and the size. It was an eighth of an inch off on one side. I mentioned that to my husband and his response was, "That's a lot." Yes, it will definitely add up if all the blocks are like that. Redrafting was called for. 
Much better now, although since the photo above was taken I have redone some seams trying for a more accurate 6 1/2 inches all around with better point matching. That's the thing with solids and small blocks: The imperfections are magnified. 

I learned long ago that if it bugs me, I need to fix it. Otherwise, every time I look at that quilt I will see the things I don't like and wish I'd taken the time to fix them. Much easier to redo at this stage then after it's quilted, bound and on the bed. But I have a three strikes you're out rule too. If it isn't noticeably better after three attempts, another try isn't likely to make a difference. I may be anal, but I'm not obsessive. Ha.

Friday, June 21, 2013

I love it when a plan comes together

Loved this fabric when I saw it at my local quilt shop.

Came up with a plan fairly quickly. Based on the height of the houses.

Some house design research.

Sketches. Lots of pondering. Life. Work. Etc. And then finally a start.
12 1/2 unfinished quilt center in progress.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Like a fine wine my quilt has legs

and like the glass I started with dinner, it is finished.

Baby Boy Blue, 39 x 47.
The quilt has been mailed off to my sister for her friend, whose baby arrived a few days ago.

I marked the darker fabrics with a white chalk pencil and the light blue background with a hera marker.Straight line quilting is definitely my forte.The main part of the quilt is diagonal lines in one direction, and the border is diagonal lines in another direction.I figured that if I felt that wasn't enough quilting, then I could do lines in the opposite directions so the whole piece was covered with a grid, but I liked it with the just the first set of lines. 

The binding was attached entirely by machine. With practice I expect to get better at that. This is my third baby quilt this year with machine binding. I enjoy hand sewing binding, but I just haven't had the time recently.

Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm in love

with this gorgeous Art Gallery fabric.

This fat quarter caught my eye so I brought it home with me, and I can't stop looking at it. I pulled some peachy pinks, navy and a hot lime yellow green to go with it. Now I just stare at the pile on my sewing table trying to think what pattern will do it justice. I should finish up the project on the design wall or quilt that baby quilt or applique some blocks or do something with the pile of fabrics next to my new favorite. But instead I stare dreamily at those little lizards. Do you see them? If I had a nickel for every pile of coordinated fabrics I've put together waiting for the right pattern to come along I could really buy some yardage. What to do. What to do.