Friday, June 28, 2013

Building blocks

Lots of unpicking and sewing to make the block above, and I still couldn't get it quite right. Not happy at all with the little puckers and the size. It was an eighth of an inch off on one side. I mentioned that to my husband and his response was, "That's a lot." Yes, it will definitely add up if all the blocks are like that. Redrafting was called for. 
Much better now, although since the photo above was taken I have redone some seams trying for a more accurate 6 1/2 inches all around with better point matching. That's the thing with solids and small blocks: The imperfections are magnified. 

I learned long ago that if it bugs me, I need to fix it. Otherwise, every time I look at that quilt I will see the things I don't like and wish I'd taken the time to fix them. Much easier to redo at this stage then after it's quilted, bound and on the bed. But I have a three strikes you're out rule too. If it isn't noticeably better after three attempts, another try isn't likely to make a difference. I may be anal, but I'm not obsessive. Ha.

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