Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, USA

They'll be no cake, but I'm hoping to get more of these flag blocks done today. Yesterday was mostly spent rummaging through the cupboard for different red, white, blue and gold fabric, cutting tiny pieces for the 5-inch blocks and ogling Bradley Cooper in the A-Team. Concentration should be better today thanks to a British mystery series. Phew! I only made one block last night before going to bed. It was easier handling those 1-inch strips than I remember. Guess my sewing has improved over the past eight years!

A happy belated Canada Day too!


Maureen said...

Really like this pattern. Did you design it? WIll make a very striking quilt. I love gold added to red, white and blue.

liz said...

It is an interesting block. Did you make some of the red and white striped fabric? I really like the overall effect.