Monday, August 15, 2011

No end in sight

Lots going on, but not much of it sewing related. I'm still plugging away at the flag blocks, sewing four flags together and then sashing with white strips and red cornerstones, which finish at a half inch.

Finished sections of the flag quilt are pinned to the design wall.
I'm determined not to pack up this project until I have the top together at least, but it's slow going and tough to be accurate with such narrow sashing. I don't want to sew too long a seam with that sashing so I'm sashing on two sides and will sew those groupings in sets like four-patches. Eventually, I'll have to sew a long seam, but I'm putting it off as long as I can.

I've been meaning to share the monthly email from the International Quilt Study Museum, but keep forgetting. Barbara Brackman mentioned it on her blog a long time ago, and I signed up. Every month a different quilt, and lots to see on their site too.

This month's is in memory of Ardis James who passed away early last month. According to the New York Times, she and her husband "established what is now the largest collection of quilts in the world". They began the Quilt Study Museum in 1997 with their donation of almost 1,000 quilts.

Here's the link to the August quilt:

Off to sash some more flags while watching a George Clooney movie. I suspect I won't get all that much done tonight.


Maureen said...

Thanks for reminding me of this collection. Enjoyed browsing.
Keep plugging away! I felt the same way with my triangle quilt and now I have a top. Just need to find the right time and space to baste it

Dawn said...

Great flags - it will be worth the effort!
Thank you for sharing.

Linda said...

Your flag quilt is amazing!