Saturday, February 11, 2012

One of these blocks is not like the other

Three more of these blocks. Although that dark green one is both my and my husband's favorite, the fabrics in it have a completely different feel from the others. Seems the biggest pieces in my scrap bin are brights. 
I was trying to fix the color on the first pic (fail) and accidentally turned it black and white. You really get a sense of value. That dark green block doesn't match the others in value either.It may need a project of its own.

Weather forecast is -15F / -26C with windchill. Guess who's staying inside and sewing today. Maybe I'll do some laundry.


Shirley said...

I think that if you add more of that very dark green it will all blend in. It all looks good to me. I like the idea of turning a project into black and white as it really does show you where the values are.

Linda said...

Your blocks are wonderful! I agree with the previous commenter...add some more of the dark green and they will all play nicely.

Cardygirl said...

Great blocks...just do a few more with a darker value!

Maureen said...

Ditto. LOVE these blocks!