Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hanging it up

I washed a wall hanging recently and thought I'd share my method for hanging my little quilts.

Attach a picture hook to a thin piece of wood a little narrower than the quilt.

Slip the board into the sleeve on the back of your quilt with the hangar part facing out.

The nail in the wall will catch the picture hanger through the sleeve fabric. 

I have little boards cut to the size of different wall hangings so I can easily change the quilts around the house.   for the hanging sleeve I always use the instructions in "The Quilter's Pocket Reference". Very easy. Even easier if I'd think to add the sleeve at the same time I was putting on binding.

This wall hanging is from 1999. I used the wrong batting so it's a little too puffy, but otherwise I still like it. A classic pattern helps, doesn't it? I made a larger tumbler version too. Both were completed after taking a Cindy Blackberg class. She used to do a Super Bowl class each year at one of the quilt shops near where I lived in Florida. Great way to spend that Sunday.

I quilted it with perle cotton. That was all the rage at the time. Big stitch quilting, I think they called it. Seems like it's popular again. 


rubyslipperz said...

What a great idea! Would you mind if I shared your link on my blog for this idea? =)


Jane in Wales said...

What a good idea, I shall have to try that. I only have one litle quilt, and it's difficult to hammer nails in our walls, so I could do it this way - thank you!