Friday, May 10, 2013

Note to self: Make this into a baby quilt

I was looking through my baby-suitable scraps to see what I could use for a quilt when I found a magazine and the note I left myself. Sometimes I can't figure out why I have dog-eared a page: My past self found inspiration in something that completely puzzles my present self.
American Patchwork & Quilting, Quilt Sampler, Spring Summer 2011.
Fortunately, I left myself a note and after taking another look, I had to agree with myself. Yes, Laura Boehnke's Color Option would make a good baby quilt. Too large though so I redrafted to a smaller size.
The center came together quickly, but I didn't like the border fabric I thought I would use.
Nothing else in my stash really worked for me. The bright lime actually seemed to dull the quilt. What I liked, I didn't have enough of so it was off to the quilt shop.
She still had more of the blue I'd used in the very center, and I found a magenta fabric to match that in the print for a quarter-inch flange.

Top is done, and measures about 40 x 48 inches. I found a nice blue and lime green leaf print in the sale rack for the backing so now it is on to the quilting.

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regan said...

This is awesome! And we're the same way about what inspires us from before to now. My tastes change from year to year on what quilts I MUST make! lol Well done on this baby quilt, and I love that red in there!