Monday, February 17, 2014

Fabric swap

Worked on this for hours and hours yesterday. Thankfully my cold isn't affecting my brain so much I can't do a little sewing.

But now that I look at my progress, I wonder if that plaid in the squares of the third arc from the left in the top row is too distracting. I'm starting to focus on it every time I look at this. That fabric is also in the segments of the arc in the third arc from the top on the right edge of the quilt. It's not bothering me as much there, but if I swap out the plaid squares then I think it will.

Wonder if I could tea dye that fabric in both places or tone it down some other way. I think it's the brightness of the lighter parts of the plaid that are bothering me. I could just swap it out. I've redone so much on this quilt because I changed my mind about design (or made a mistake), that it wouldn't kill me to do a bit more "reverse sewing."

The other option would be to add more of that fabric, probably in the lower left. Although that could just make it distracting in more places! Thoughts?


Susan said...

Really love your colors.cant wait to see finished project.

Nancy said...

On your post yesterday I said I love everything about this quilt -- and I do! But I think that if the plaid bothers you and you'd be happier without it, maybe you should change it. If it's just the light, maybe your idea of tea dying would be just what it needs.

By the way, I started following your blog. I like the fact that you show your progress and explain your thoughts and questions about your quilt. (The process pledge, huh?)