Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

6 half-square triangle blocks done. 10 to go?

I had hoped to post earlier to show a little more progress on those two-inch half square triangle blocks, but the light wasn't very good -- it was pretty much gone -- by the time I got around to pulling out the camera last weekend. I tried again yesterday, and it is what it is. Six blocks done. The original pattern called for 16 blocks, and I thought I'd make more because 16 blocks would make the quilt only 36-inches square. That was nearly nine years ago when I didn't truly appreciate wall quilts! Now, I'm contemplating nine blocks for a 27-inch square wall hanging and a finished project.

A New Year's resolution will have to be actually blogging more and not just thinking about it. Or maybe it should be making time to actually blog. I have ideas when I'm not near the computer, but then finding time before I forget the ideas ...

I had more ideas for this entry too, but as I'm about to head out to the airport this is going to be it. Yes, on Christmas Day! Hadn't been my plan, but Mom called little more than a week ago to say she was getting married on the 28. And, my husband is a pilot and that means flying standby. Christmas Day seems like the best travel day for that. Won't everybody else be where they want to be for Christmas already? Hoping that all the people on cancelled flights from yesterday are taken care of now or are not interested in going to New Hampshire!

My husband overnighted in Miami and doesn't fly out for a while. Just talked to him, and even though it's raining a bit there he got to walk on the beach. I meanwhile contemplated whether I should bother shoveling out the bit of snow the plow pushed into the driveway. After hearing about walking on the beach, I've decided not to shovel and the dash out to the taxi will be my only exposure to 20 F weather today. I hope.

Merry Christmas!

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