Thursday, January 1, 2009

What have I done ... what will I do?

No New Year's resolutions here. Going out to breakfast and eating pancakes plus almost all of the "crabmeat" and asparagus omelette encased in hash browns definitely would have torpedoed the obligatory diet resolution. Although having the omelette made with egg whites has to count for something. On the other hand, breakfast at Gail's is always a good way to start the day if not the year.

Been reading other blogs all day and seeing what other's have accomplished or plan to accomplish. Thinking of starting Bonnie's mystery quilt because I'm itching for something new. I still have that nearly 9-year-old half-square triangle UFO that I'm close to finishing. And, it has friends. Even after several years the old projects don't tempt the way a new one does, do they?

What have I done this past year? Hmmmm. I did finish some UFOs, some baby quilts, some presents. Or was that the year before? Time sort of blurs together. I did finish a couple UFOs. Here's photographic proof of one. (Can't find the picture of the other one I know I finished this year. It's on the bed, so I could take another picture later.)

A finished UFO! This is old. It's been sitting around for more than 5 years (and probably less than 10). From a "spa day" at a quilt shop in Orlando that is now closed. Blocks done, but for some reason I didn't put the top together until this year.

Maybe the blog will help me document some of my finishes a little better. And I could go make an inventory of my UFOs to check off. Or I could start cutting that mystery quilt. ... Or make dinner.

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