Sunday, April 12, 2009

A little of this ...

... and a little of that. Haven't had time for much sewing these days. Work has crept into my weekends lately, and yesterday was spent with hubby.

We flew up to Sheboygan, WI, and had lunch at the Final Approach restaurant at the Memorial Airport. Really yummy! I don't mind flying in little airplanes, but I get a bit bored. There needs to be a destination and I need a book and/or some Sudukos to keep me occupied. I've tried applique, but it can be too bumpy. Conversation is difficult with headsets so there's not much of that, and he doesn't seem to mind. He just loves flying and having someone with him.

The restaurant was nice. Service was good and food was excellent. The waitress told us about their Monday night special: Martinis and manicures. Sounds like fun. He can fly and I can drink and get my nails done. We'll have to wait until later in the summer when it stays light long enough for us to go, enjoy ourselves and get back to our airport before dark.

Today he went back out to the airport, and I managed to get these off the design wall:

They've been up there for awhile taunting me. You can make so many different blocks with half-square triangles.

Awhile back I'd dug out my UFOs and listed them all. Quite a lot hasn't been finished around here. Including putting that list on the blog. Does your unfinished project list include fabric combinations you love, but havent' found the right pattern for yet?

I did get the half-square triangle quilt done, but then I got distracted by all the other half-square triangles I'd found (and the ones I didn't need once I cut back on the size of that project). At one time I collected triangular scraps from projects (mine and others) and used them to start and stop my chain piecing. You know, run one through the machine before starting chain piecing so that if the thread bunched up on the underside it wouldn't affect my "real" project. Then when you get to the end of something and need to press it, you feed another set of triangles through so you can take your "real" project off the machine without creating a thread tail.

Just some of my collection of itty-bitty triangles. The ones in the plastic bags will finish at 1-inch. How crazy is that?

Eventually, I had gobs of triangles that then had to be pressed and trimmed. So instead of working on something that was partially done, I started messing with the triangles. Grouping like colors together and making up blocks. Finally this weekend I got the last one off the design wall.

This block is 16-inches by 12-inches.

Not sure what I'll do with them. I've put them in a box with other orphan blocks. I like the idea of making a quilt of all these odd blocks. The one I saw in New York keeps popping into my brain. But that one was unified by similar fabrics (1930s feed sacks) and my blocks are all over the color map. Have to think how I could possibly unite what's in that box.

I did finish the backing for Luke's quilt this weekend. Very scrappy. And am contemplating taking some of these to a long arm quilter because at this rate, I'll never get them finished. Depends on whether I've made the backings big enough for the longarmer. Might not have as I had illusions of doing the quilting myself. Even bought the batting. They're mostly small-sized quilts. Baby quilts, really. Surely I can quilt them myself, even if I do mostly do straight-line machine quilting. But now there are five in the stack, and I still have the twins' quilts to piece. Where's that measuring tape?

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