Saturday, May 30, 2009

Killer purse?

Apologies for the bad pic, which isn't really so bad for a cell phone in a closed restroom stall. I would have tried for a better shot, but there's something kind of creepy about flash photography in a public washroom.

The signs appeared recently inside the stall doors in the ladies room at Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago. The first time I saw them, I laughed. They make me smile every time. I've wanted to write a similar comment to this one, but being a good girl and not having the proper marking pen on me I didn't. Friday morning when I saw this comment I decided I had to take a picture.

The signs are only in the restrooms on the Madison Street side of the station. Apparently the stolen purses on the other side of the station aren't as feral.

Speaking of purses, I bought a new one recently that I just love! Isn't it great?

And the other day while reading all the posts from Quilt Market, I spotted my purse in Valori Wells' booth. The girl has taste.

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