Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ

Wood Sorrel block from Barbara Brackman's
"Prairie Flower: A Year on the Plains" book.

Isn't that a great name for a nail polish? Was trying to make myself presentable in sandals if it ever stays warm enough around here to take the socks off. I've got Pinking Of You on my fingers, but as usual I have smudged most of my nails. The right pinkie appears to be still intact. Why do I bother?

This is a quilting/sewing blog so hence the applique block I'm standing on. It's from Barbara Brackman's book "Prairie Flower." My friend Lynn and I spotted some finished blocks from it in a quilt shop, so we each bought the book and made plans to applique six of the blocks. One a month, I think. We know our limitations. The blocks are big. Six is plenty.

We managed probably two before I moved from Orlando to Chicago. The third block was not loaded on the moving truck, and I actually worked on it while we were trying to find a house, settle into new jobs, etc. This one was all prepped and No. 5 was cut out. Fast forward five years. Yuppers. Five years. In which time I have not worked on it a bit, but have found inspiration for a pieced border once the blocks are done and have managed to keep the fabrics, book, pattern pieces and completed blocks together. No small feat, my friends!

My sewing room used to look like this. Now there are different fabrics and papers piled around, but I still know where those Prairie Flower blocks are.

And having discovered the joys of bifoculs (and bifocul contacts -- yes! they make them) I thought I might actually work on this again. So I pulled off the glued-on pieces, rinsed out the backing fabric (It was a bit dusty.) and repressed and pinned everything together with the new short applique pins I bought just for this block.

And it has sat on my old cutting mat on the floor for weeks with nary a stitch. Did I mention that my friends had twins, and I've got two baby quilts to work on? Maybe I should step away from the mouse and work on one of those projects instead!

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