Sunday, June 14, 2009

In the bag

Four reversible drawstring bags for the nieces.

I was thinking (a phrase that my husband hates when I utter it aloud in his presence) about making some small reversible pouches to put a couple little treats in for my nieces, and the next day while reading blogs I stumbled upon this tutorial on the Pink Penguin blog. Serendipity! Started them last night and finished them up this morning.

Had to make my own ribbon for two of them. My 1/2-inch bias tape maker came in handy and works when your strips are cut straight of grain. I just folded the "bias" tape in half and sewed it together. Having a machine that will let you move your needle position was essential as the 1/4-inch strip had to be over over the feed dogs on one side or it wouldn't be pulled through the machine.

Obviously I didn't do the patchwork part. I'm headed to Orlando for the week for work, then off to visit the nieces in New England so had to keep it simple in order to get these made and the laundry done for maximum available clean underwear for packing.

Haven't managed to do much other sewing except for a bit of applique on the Prairie Flowers. I did step away from the mouse and work on that for a few hours last weekend.

I made this test block for the twins' quilts a couple weeks ago, and that was followed by a burst of half-square-triangle sewing, but now I've got dozens of them to trim to 3.5" and well, that's boring. On the bright side, I tidied up the sewing room to avoid the trimming, which always makes me want to get in there and sew. That'll have to wait until I'm home again week after next.

The twins' monkey wrench variation quilt in progress. I just love the monkey fabric I found for the border.


ayumills said...

Beautiful bags!!! Your nieces are lucky!

Lori said...

Ann Marie, I am so glad you commented on my blog so I can see your blog! You do some great work!

I got a good laugh from your comment!!! I was unable to email you directly because you are on "no reply"