Monday, February 1, 2010

Arf! Arf!

Liking the new ironing board cover.
This is what I have to show for the weekend. It took me all day Saturday to sew the final borders on my olive green Material Obsession quilt because I was so distracted thinking about this Scotty dog, which I saw here. And then again somewhere else. So finally, I just gave up and pulled fabric.

Yeah, picking fabrics is messy.

I think I was a little influenced by this to pick red, which is my favorite color, and then the link to Jane Brocket's post. Red probably accounts for the largest color in my stash. And yet, I don't make that many red quilts or quilts with red in them. Can count them on one hand. Hmmmm. Wonder why.

Easy pattern by Denyse Schmidt. Took awhile to sew though, and that's how I spent my Sunday. I had done the box corner thing only once before. I don't think I'd attempt making Scotty with smaller squares.

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