Monday, February 8, 2010

Where's your sense of adventure?

Just got back from a few days of babysitting my sister's children. Apparently my husband has no idea where the grocery store is. So first thing I did after the taxi dropped me off at the house was head out for a sandwich before food shopping. Then it was time to empty the suitcase in the washer!

I brought books, quilting magazines and Block 1 and 5 of the Sue Ross BOM with me. I'm not sure how long I thought the girls would be in school during the day, but it was not long enough for all that I brought. Nor was the Chicago-Boston flight! I was able to read Jean Wells' Intuitive Color & Design on the plane. I don't normally read quilt books, but I read this one cover to cover, and I'd like to work my way through the assignments in the book.

There was no sewing or reading when the girls were around, but we had lots of fun: Made Valentines for both their classes, went to the Currier Museum (great little museum), painted ceramics at the mall (glossy finish with sparkles, of course), and went to two dance classes and two soccer games (indoor).

My friend Beth (from college) visited one night, and right after we ordered pizza, the whole neighborhood lost power. The girls seemed a little freaked out by this, asking if we could drive somewhere where they have electricity.

"Where's your sense of adventure?" Beth asked them.

"Pretend your Laura Ingalls," I said.


I'll be mailing them a copy of Little House on the Prairie soon.

The delivery guy found the house in complete darkness, and we ate by Yankee Candle-light (melon and harvest scented). Thankfully the lights came on about an hour later.

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Tania said...

OOOOHHHH! I used to LOVE pretending I was Laura Ingalls - and I was pretty smitten with her twirly skirt AND that she got to do convincing tomboy at the same time...