Friday, September 17, 2010

Halloween is in the mail

 I got it finished, and since this picture was taken it has been washed, dried and popped into an envelope. I'll head to the post office in a bit. Looks like I have a good chance of getting this to Japan before Halloween.

The pattern for this is my own invention, based on the block Autumn Tints. I used fabric from Minick & Simpson's Halloween Night by Moda. The quilting is straight lines on the diagonal in both directions except in the center where I quilted straight lines about an inch or so from the outer edge. I didn't want any seams or stitching in the very center so that whatever is set there wouldn't wobble.

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liz said...

It must be very satisfying to have this sweet little project complete. Love the pumpkin border fabric. Now back to the aboriginal blocks. I can't wait to see what happens there.
I've just realized I must be sending emails to myself! Just getting the hang of this whole business...