Monday, November 15, 2010

Slow progress

Seventeen pieced, and six more cut out. I've been enjoying choosing all the fabrics for each block position and then cutting them. I rummage around in my stash for something else that might work in a position, then rummage some more and reject most of them before making final decisions. I love the fabric selection process. I could do that all day, but I'd have nothing to show you except a stack of fabric. Maybe you'd like that.

The only rule has been a minimum of one Aboriginal fabric per block, but as I was admiring my handiwork the other day I realized I made one without any Aboriginal fabric! I also realized as I looked at this photo, that the yellow fabric in the large half-square triangles in two of the blocks (top row second from right and second row second from left) probably needs to be in three blocks to balance out its placement.


Donna McL said...

Wonderful quilt, and your choice of fabrics is just great. Is there a commercial pattern for the block? Thanks Donna

liz said...

Coming along well. How big are the blocks? How many more to make?