Sunday, January 30, 2011

One more row to go

Five blocks left to piece sounds better than "100 more half-square triangles to go!" I'm stopping at 30 blocks because that's all the cornerstone fabric I have, and the quilt will be plenty big by then: 70"x84."

 Some blocks from the past week.
The binding is on Zach's quilt, labels made and attached, quilts washed and packed up. This week I'll be shipping off quilts to four boys. Just a couple more quilts to make for special people, and I can start something new relatively guilt free. Ha.  
The front of Zach's quilt.

The back of Zach's quilt.


Cardygirl said...

Love the churn dash blocks...I know what you mean about HST's...there seems sooo many!

liz said...

I still think this is one of the nicest quilt tops I've seen. And on the internet that adds up to a lot. Just one more row and then it is complete. And it is a good size too. It is definitely worthy of a finish in spite of the HST.