Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No sewing today only shoveling

Looks like I've shoveled a lot. I have! But as you can see in this next photo those snow mountains are the result of the path from the door to the street and clearing just the very end of the driveway.

Still had much more shoveling to go after I took this picture. I thought I'd work from home and take shovel breaks, but I ended up shoveling and taking work breaks!

Husband's stuck in Salt Lake City so he decided to go skiing today. I feel sorry for him because, although he missed out on all this shoveling today, he will have to dig his car out of the O'Hare Airport lot tomorrow, and it is going to be a lot colder and windy then. Everyone's being warned to stay inside. No problem.

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liz said...

I am in Colorado at the moment and spent the day driving through snow in a huge SUV. Quite a novelty for me, and an experience I don't want to repeat. Otherwise having fun skiing in the Rockies!