Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monkey Wrench in my plans

Was doing a bit of cleaning and found this UFO so started working on it again. This was my planned baby quilts for the twins, but it didn't have the right tone for two little boys. It's more an older boy quilt, don't you think?

Above is what I have finished now. Colors are better in this pic. Below is what I started with: a partially pieced section and a bunch of squares, half-square triangles and four patches. What a difference all those quarter-inch seams make!

This is the block I'd planned. It's called monkey wrench, but reminds me of Snail's Trails. The churn dash block is also called monkey wrench, I think. So many names for the same (and different) blocks in quilting.

The blocks, when put together, create alternating dark and light stars. I'd added a row to one edge of my pieced section to complete the stars. Now I'll have to work around that to finish this up. Not sure the size this will end up. I'll have to make some more four patches and half-square triangles. Can't get away from those HSTs!

This is the back of the block. I like the technique of opening the seams where four pieces come together. It helps reduce bulk, and in this block, piecing in the order I did, all the seams are going in the right direction so that they can be butt together easily with the next block. I really like a good pressing plan.  


Cardygirl said...

Wow...this looks fabulous. Love the traditional pattern done in these strong colors. You must be thrilled.

liz said...

It DOES look like snail trail. You've got another intriguing project on the wall. I like it.

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a wonderful quilt!! I love the monkey wrench block, your right it is similar to the snail trail block, Aren't they great names! Thanks for showing us the back of your block. Being internet/book taught it took me a few quilts to realise how you iron is important.