Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The other New York quilt exhibits

The American Folk Art Museum has two other shows going on besides the red and white quilt show. Photography was allowed, but no flash. The light was not the greatest, and as I have readily admitted, I am not that great a photographer under the best of conditions. But, here are some of the ones that caught my eye from those exhibits.

From the "Super Stars" exhibit at the Lincoln Square branch of the museum:

Broken Star, Clara Boutraeger, 1925-1935.

Carpenter's Wheel Variation, 1945-55.

Georgetown Circle Quilt, 1900-1920.

Golden Wedding Ring, 1930-40.

Star of France, 1930-40.
Pattern 151 from Hubert Ver Mehren's Home Art Studios of Des Moines.

From the "Masterworks" exhibit at the museum's main location on 53rd street:
Bird of Paradise, 1858-63.
Speculation is that this was a bridal quilt, but the wedding didn't take place
based on the groom being missing from his place next to the bride in the top row.

Appliqued and embroidered pictorial bedcover, 1825-45.
Maybe I shouldn't have shown this because it's so blurry,
but I love the composition and colors.

Star of Bethlehem, 1880-1900. Silk.
Love that border!

Sunflowers and Trailing Vine, 1783-1830.

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liz said...

Just love your photos. Keep them coming. Thank you for the opportunity to see what you saw.