Monday, March 14, 2011

The A Word

I am determined to finish my version of the mystery quilt. At least to the top stage. If I take it off the wall while I decide on borders, I might not go back to it. I needed to let the options sit for a bit so I picked up the Prairie Flowers UFO and was pleasantly surprised to find that half of the above block was already appliqued. I wonder when I did that? I swear I haven't touched this project in years except to move it out of my way.

Colors not so great in this picture.
I started this in 2004. I remember my friend Lynn and I were going to do a block a month, but only for six months, using Barbara Brackman's book. Right after that I ended up moving across country. I did one or two of the blocks while waiting to be reunited with the contents of my sewing room.

Seems like this one is missing something.
When I finish the fourth block, I think might work on a setting rather than attempt the other two blocks. Although I do have one more cut out. ...
I can feel some freezer paper behind a few of the leaves in this block.
My applique techniques leave a lot to be desired!

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Karen said...

I like the block with all the leaves. I find that the more you applique, the easier it is and the better the stitch. Enjoy.