Thursday, March 24, 2011

Border mystery solved

62.5 inches/158.75 cm square

This is the border I ended up putting on my version of the mystery quilt. I have enough units left for another round of checkerboard, but I think that would make it too wide. I think I'll stop here. I'll make the binding and backing before I put it in the top pile. Red binding?


Sujata said...

I love the idea of red binding! Looks fabulous!

Maureen said...

Your border is just right! Enjoyed your post on red and whites. Hope you get to the show.

liz said...

Love the border. I agree - go for a red binding. Just great. The quilt has impact!

Kate said...

Hi Anne-Marie.You've got a stunning result from the mystery instructions - you must be pleased!
Have you auditioned one of the darks as a possible binding? The dark greens or browns that you've used in the churn dash blocks could be effective?