Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Red and white quilts

Taryn of Repro Quilt Lover is hosting a Red and White Quilt Exhibit in honor of the show coming up in New York. Here are a couple that I've made. Red is my favorite color. If anyone is hosting a Red and Brown Quilt Exhibit, I've got a few entries for that too.

Woven Blocks, 60 inches/152.4 cm, 1997?
Quilted by Maggi Honeyman
This is one started earlier in my quilting career. Maggi quilted it with red thread so it has kind of a redwork look to it. Once I started making quilts faster than I could hand quilt them -- it took me a couple years to hand quilt my first quilt -- I started going to a long-arm quilter so the top pile wouldn't give me guilt pangs every time I started a new one. 
Split Ohio Stars, 92.5 inches/234.95 cm square, 2007?
I need to do a better job labeling my quilts (and/or putting dates on patterns and class handouts) so I know when I made them or at least started them. Time flies by so fast now I think it's been only a year and it's been three or four, and the top is still waiting to be quilted. (That's code for sent to Maggi!)

I'm excited about the New York exhibit because I'm supposed to be going. Hotel reserved and flight reservations made. But I had big plans to go to the V&A last year for that exhibit and Eyjafjallajökull ruined those so we'll see. If Mother Nature foils me again, I will have to rewatch this video from Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims' blog as consolation.


Sujata said...

You make some beautiful quilts. It is always a pleasure visiting your blog!
Hope you get to go see the show.

Taryn said...

That split Ohio star is one of my all-time favorite patterns. Thanks so much for adding your beautiful quilts to the virtual red & white exhibition. I am going to New York this Friday (can't wait!). When will you be there?

Kate said...

LOVE your two red and white quilts! I'd say your chances of getting to NY are pretty good - no volcanos in the immediate vicinity!! Have a wonderful time!

Cardygirl said...

Just the split Ohio star.

Sue said...

Both very lovely quilts. I like red and brown too.
Only one more sleep till I go to NYC to see the exhibition.

liz said...

I love both the red and white quilts. I haven't seen a quilt quite like the first one before. Is there a name for that pattern? It is arresting.

Reeni said...

Your quilts are beautiful! Thank you for making my recipe!

Lizzie said...

Beautiful! I have the fabric and the pattern all ready to cut for the first quilt you showed. I have never seen it in red before and now can't wait to start mine! Thanks for the show. Lizzie