Monday, March 7, 2011

Decisions, decisions

Option 1? String border with monkey wrench cornerstones and inner and outer border of squares.

Option 2? Checkerboard three, maybe four, squares deep.

Or maybe both with Option 2 for the inner border and Option 1 after that?

I thought the checkerboard would be too much, but my husband likes it, and it's starting to grow on me. I was thinking this would be a quick quilt, saved from the UFO pile, but once the center was done, then edged in squares, it seemed to need more, and I've got plenty of leftover bits to use up, so it won't be quick.

And, what is up with my brain these days? I typed "boarder" so many times in this post. No rooms to rent here. I've been consistently typing "their" instead of "there" for weeks now. Sent an email out with "roll" instead of "role" once and got asked if I was hungry. ... Always.


liz said...

Out of these 2 options, I wold choose option 2. However, what happened to the border from the last post? the one with the squares on point?

Maureen said...

Have you decided yet? Sometimes things just need to sit a while (weeks, months, years!) before a decision is made! I like to call it the "creative process".