Monday, May 9, 2011

Fabric, fabric, fabric!

The week before I went on vacation, I headed to the two closest quilt shops to look for fabric for a particular project. Didn't find what I wanted, but I did find these.

And these that go with another piece I'd bought earlier.

And these two pieces from the clearance section. Pretty backs for some future quilt.

Then on vacation I discovered Heartfelt Quilting and Sewing completely by accident. I ended up spending two hours there wandering through the shop. Good thing I don't live close or I'd be in BIG trouble. The shop is huge with a nice selection of Civil War reproductions, 1930s reproductions, batiks, novelties, Asian fabrics, solids, current fabric lines, threads, fusibles, buttons, rulers, books, purse making notions, etc. I've never seen a shop with such a good variety of quilting fabrics and so many sewing tools. The shop also has a couple longarms that you can learn on and then rent to quilt your own quilts. I would love to do that and see how I like longarm quilting.

When you buy fabric without a particular quilt in mind, how much do you buy? I get fat quarters when they are available, but when they aren't I have a hard time deciding how much. How much for a main fabric piece that could be a border? How much for something that will be used in blocks?


Cardygirl said...

Tough question...I usually buy at least a half metre, depends on what I may use it for. If it is really special or for a background I will get a few metres to be safe. All really depends on the "plan".

Rachaeldaisy said...

Yes, tough question. I usually get fat quarters for piecing, for borders I get 2-3 yards, I figure if it's not enough you can do different corner blocks. I hate the feeling I don't have enough but then sometimes I can't justify having too much. I love all your fabrics! I too would love to have a go on a longarm machine. Some quilts just suit Long arm quilting better and it would be nice to know I've done it myself.