Saturday, May 14, 2011

Winding Ways

Signed it after I took the photo.
Victoria is looking for 6-inch signature blocks, and I found these templates in a rummage through my sewing cabinet. I've had them for years and years, but hadn't gotten around to even making one block. Now I have.

The templates are great. Metal with a sandpaper-like backing so they grip the fabric, and I could use my small rotary quilter to cut out the fabric.

Pinned at the center, a little ways from the end, and at the end point.
The pins through the end dots come out, and
the piece is flipped so the concave piece is on top when sewing.
The instructions with the templates gave piecing and pressing instructions. The curves were easy to piece. I put a pin straight through the end points to match them and then pin. I also pin a bit before the last end point, and in most cases I match the centers and pin. Four pins total. Keep the concave piece on top. That's the one that looks like a cave: (  Sew slow and align the fabric as you go. Curves are not really hard, but sometimes small pieces are hard to handle. 

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Rachaeldaisy said...

Your block is fabulous!!! Love the chicken. I tried a Winding Ways quilt, cut out lots of pieces then when I sewed them I just couldn't make them meet properly in the center. It's the only project I've given up on. I've made a block for Victoria too so we'll be on the same quilt.