Thursday, December 29, 2011

Love triangle

Apologies for photo, which does not capture awesomeness of fabric.
This will not be the first new UFO of 2012! I will finish it easily, but early in the next year. Since this picture, I have pieced all the whole triangle-shaped blocks. I have to figure out the setting blocks as I am morally opposed to piecing a whole block, however simple -- and these are! -- just so I can cut it in half (plus quarter-inch seam allowance) and toss the other half (less quarter-inch seam allowance) away.

Photos do NOT do justice to this Marcia Derse fabric. You really must see it in person. I might frame my scaps it's so gorgeous! But in this picture it kinda looks like a leopard shed on my design wall. Even my husband likes it. He walked past the quilt room the other night and said, "Wow. I like those colors!" Usually he only offers an opinion if I specifically ask so that was a good sign.


Maureen said...

This will be a very striking quilt. You've chosen just the right pattern and accompanying fabrics. Isn't it nice when the husbands comment!

Shirley said...

My husband asks without fail whenever he sees me sewing who the quilt is for. I have no idea why. Other than that he never comments. You have some very beautiful work.

Janet said...

It's looking very luscious. It's a good thing when hubby's can appreciate the quilts.