Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why my husband rocks!

The sewing room has been undergoing a major rearranging and installation of new shelving and a bigger design wall. Thanks to my husband, this is now the best sewing room I've ever had. Here are some before and afters:

The design wall moved to where the bookcase was and got taller (no vent on this wall) and a bit wider. The design wall is batting stretched over a wooden frame and mounted to the wall. I've used this kind of design wall for years, and it works well. The fuzzier the batting, the better the sticking power.

The sewing table faces the window. Much better feng shui, and I can see what the neighbors are up to, nosy woman that I am. My husband put in a shelf for the TV, and I took out the table it was on, giving me more room.

The red drawers were under the sewing table, and now they're stacked in the corner, filled with UFOs and binding for tops that need quilting. Maybe having a tower of UFOs will remind me to pull one out when I'm ready for something different. Who am I kidding? I'd rather start something new! My goal should be to not let the number of UFOs exceed the capacity of the tower.

Where the design wall and a shelving unit were, I've got new custom shelving thanks to my husband. Everything in the old shelves and bookcase fits in the new shelving. I also managed to squeeze in a few things from the closet.

I have saved too many magazines! I need to get rid of them to make room for fabric from the closet. Any ideas what to do with old quilt magazines?

In the closet I have fabric sorted by color. (More or less. It's a mess at the moment.) In these new shelves I have fabric that isn't one partcular color, novelty prints, and stacks of fabric I put together and thought would make a great quilt once I figure out what pattern to use. Some of these stacks have been waiting years for the right pattern to come along. Maybe I should look through those old magazines before I get rid of them. ... Oh, a new project. As long as it doesn't become a new UFO. There's no room in the tower.


Anonymous said...

What to do with the magazines? Glance at them quick to see if they have the instructions to any of the red tower UFO's.

DO NOT rip anything out of a mag to save..trashs the mag for the person and you won't use anything, there will be six more next month if you have some sort of withdrawal... then take the magazines to guild, group or the quilt shop "to gift" someone, hey you could have a "give a away" on your blog. Bottom line magazines are not worth storing "for some day" - fabric is.

Now, can you send your husband over here ? Name the day, I will have my list ready. Thanks

Cardygirl said...

Great room...clever hubby! I give my old magazines to the local school and they sell them at fetes.

liz said...

Wow. Your husband sure has earned some brownie points.

Perhaps you can swap some magazines with friends. It may be easier to throw out/give away their old magazines when the time comes. I should take that advice myself, but I am never throwing out my back copies of Quilters Newsletter!